Information and advice on bullying in the workplace

Understanding the root causes of workplace bullying - how and why bullies bully - is key to effective preventation and action.

In-depth insights into what is happening beneath the surface in organisations, and suggestions for action, are given by Dr Sheila White from the UK, based on many years of research.  

Root causes of bullying lie within organisational cultures, structures, in groups, interpersonal relationships and  individuals. Unrealistic expectations, vacuums of support, inconsistencies between resources and demands, lack of trust, insecurity, envy, and shame are a few of the factors which generate the potential for bullying.

Released November 2013  'An introduction to the psychodynamics of workplace bullying' by Sheila White A text book for academics and handbook for HR managers.

Described by reviewers as 'a masterful volume'  'a long awaited reconceptualisation of workplace bullying'  'chapters cover individual, interpersonal, group, and organisational examples and are replete with easy-to-follow and instructive examples'.

People Management (CIPD) review March 2014 ' White has undoubtedly done the rounds of real workplaces, cataloguing the silent treatment, backbiting and petty undermining delivered by those she portrays as victims in their own right'.