Could you be a bully? Or have you been accused of bullying others?

Give yourself some space to reflect on your actions and those of others. This may take some discipline. Get help in re-framing your ‘story’ to include the viewpoints of others.

Try answering these questions:-

Why do you need to control others in the way that you are trying to do? Are there other methods? If you don’t know of any, get help e.g. life coaching.

Are you unable to acknowledge your behaviour? Denial is a strong defence against anxiety. What is making you anxious?

Are you just interested in self survival? Are your actions going to benefit you in the long run or will you pay a high price for the damage you are doing?

Have you bullied someone before?

Are you feeling envious of someone’s abilities or possessions? What is irritating you about that person? Can you find a way of acquiring those skills/talents etc for yourself without ‘stealing’ from others?

Research has found that most employees want to feel valued and appreciated. Do you feel valued? If not, why not? Do you value yourself? Do you show your appreciation of colleagues?

Bullying is addictive. It may make you feel better initially but not in the long run. Are you taking steps to break this habit?